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National Health Insurance Fund is a State Parastatal that was established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. The original Act of Parliament that set up this Fund in 1966 has over the years been reviewed to accommodate the changing healthcare needs of the Kenyan population, employment and restructuring in the health sector.

Project Summary

The NHIF Website project represents a pivotal endeavor in advancing access to healthcare for Kenyans, facilitated by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). As a vital government state corporation, NHIF is entrusted with the crucial task of providing health insurance coverage to citizens across Kenya.

Our collaboration with NHIF encompassed the development of their main website, alongside the creation of an informative and engaging blog platform. Through strategic graphic design, we aimed to visually communicate NHIF’s commitment to accessible healthcare for all. Furthermore, our comprehensive digital marketing initiatives were tailored to amplify NHIF’s message, ensuring widespread awareness and engagement with their services.

With a focus on enhancing online visibility and accessibility, our SEO strategies were meticulously implemented to optimize NHIF’s digital presence. By aligning with NHIF’s mission to promote equitable healthcare access, our efforts sought to empower Kenyans with vital information and resources through their digital platforms.

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The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

Services Provided

Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, SEO

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