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Top Story Africa

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Client Details

Top Story is a national mentorship programme for young journalists. It takes the form of a unique TV reality show featuring a journalism competition. It’s a search for Kenya’s top young investigative journalists who have what it takes to tell a compelling story in a professional and ethical manner. It is also a media literacy programme that reveals the behind-the-scenes working of the media; to show the public how the newsroom operates, how stories are produced and what it actually means to be a professional journalist.

Project Summary

In the development of the Top Story Africa website, we endeavored to create a comprehensive digital platform to support the national mentorship program aimed at young journalists. The website was meticulously designed to reflect the unique TV reality show format of Top Story, integrating captivating design elements and intuitive navigation to encapsulate the excitement and opportunities inherent in the program.

Emphasizing graphic design, the website’s visual identity was carefully curated to strike a balance between creativity and professionalism, aligning with the dynamic nature of the journalism competition it represented. User-centric design principles were prioritized to ensure effortless navigation, enabling visitors to seamlessly explore the site’s diverse array of resources and information.

Top Story Africa Single Page Layout

"Make it simple, but significant."​



Top Story Africa

Services Provided

Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing

Project Timeline

21 days for Web Design, 90 days for Digital Marketing

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