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Juliani Logo iMac Mockup

Juliani Kenya Logo

Juliani is an award-winning Hip Hop artist in Kenya. Brait Consulting was consulted to do a logo design for him.

HK Clothing Logo iMac Mockup

HK Clothing Logo

HK clothing is a men’s apparel company that offers high-quality custom-made suits for men. They focus on complementing different colors while maintaining perfect fitting, best

Nijali Logo iMac Mockup

The Nijali Foundation Logo

The Nijali Foundation is a charitable mental health foundation that seeks to improve the mental health and well-being of people suffering from mental disorders. Brait

Amaze AfricaLogo iMac Mockup

Amaze Africa Logo

Amaze Africa is an e-commerce store that sells high-quality hand-made African neckpieces, tote bags, earrings, and sisal bags. Brait Consulting was consulted to do a logo for their