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Best Web Designer in Kenya: 6 Tips on How to Choose – 2024 Guide

Fake Web Designers in Kenya, Best Web Designer in Kenya

Finding the correct best web designer in Kenya is a hard task. This is because of increased fraud or having to deal with unprofessional designers who do not deliver in time or even understand what you want.

How Do You Find the Best Web Designer in Kenya?

The ‘best web designer in Kenya’ is a popular search term on Google and most people think that they can find the best web designer in Kenya using just a search term. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in your search for the best web designer in Kenya.

Do they have a website themselves?

If you search online or browse through Social Media posts and stories, you may see ads like: “We can create you any type of website at a very cheap cost: company, school, e-commerce, NGO, etc. Call or WhatsApp us today at 0722 123 xxx”

The correct web designer should have a website. We said that you owning a website should give you credibility and so should the person who creates you one. WhatsApp and email is not enough credibility to them.

How does their site look like?

When you are shopping for something like furniture, you do not just pay and get it delivered. You look at how it looks, you admire it and fall in love with it first before you purchase it.

Make sure the designer’s website is updated, looks neat, beautiful, with NO grammatical errors, easy to navigate and has got no missing links. Is it slow? How was your User Experience? (UX)?

Look at their portfolio

The only thing that tells you one is a professional is not just the papers and accolades they have but what they have done; what they have to show for it.

Scroll through the potential designer’s website and check what websites they have done before. Have they done a similar project like yours? Do you like what you see? Are the websites live or are they mere screenshots?

Do they have a solid reputation?

Of course you wouldn’t allow a shoddy company with negative reviews and bad online reputation to handle your next big investment. You would obviously want a credible company with positive reviews to handle your design needs not just one that claims to be the best web designer in Kenya.

Check your next web designer’s reviews, comments, social media reviews, etc. If you have a friend who has also received their services kindly ask them about their experience too. Word of mouth is amazing because it gives first-hand reviews.

A reputable web designer with tons of positive reviews would not want to have a negative review. You can check how the public have reviewed is on Google by clicking the image below.

Are they registered? How long have they been doing their craft?

It takes 1-2 days to register a business name in Kenya through the eCitizen portal. A business name costs KES 850. A public or private limited company costs approximately KES 10,650 and takes approximately 3-5 days.

Will you trust someone with your KES 30,000 to do a website for you when they couldn’t afford KES 10,650 or even KES 850 to register their own legal company? Would you trust someone who claims to be the best web designer in Kenya to do your business site without them owning a real business?

They say that experience is the best teacher. A freelancer, startup web design company and an experienced web design agency will provide totally different results. How long has the web designer been in business?

How much do they charge?

I see ads like, “Websites for KES 15,000 done in three hours with domain and hosting included. Call or WhatsApp 0722 156 XXX.” Most people in Kenya love cheap things but end up regretting later. This is why it is very important that you make the right decision in choosing the best web designer in Kenya.

A client will always ask, “Why are you so expensive? Someone is giving me exactly what you are giving at half the price.” Ask yourself, is this designer going to give you something that you will love? Or will you have a beautiful front-end but a back-end full of vulnerabilities?

Will they be professional during the design process? Will they give you official quotations, invoices, and receipts? Will they give you a contract? Will they advise you on content, graphics or SEO? Will they give you a website completion report?

There is always someone who charges less Monalisa
There is always someone who charges less Monalisa


There you go, the 6 questions you should ask yourself before you choose the correct and best web designer in Kenya. Are we among the best web designers in Kenya? Let our portfolio answer you.

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